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Gina D'​Addario, RYT-200

From personal practice . . .

My journey on the path of yoga began 20 years ago; like most Westerners I originally dabbled in yoga classes as part of my overall fitness regimen, during which time I experienced many styles of yoga and many wonderful teachers.  Over time, yoga's value in my life grew and evolved to encompass all aspects of my health, well being, and personal growth.  As my exploration of yoga brought me to increasingly authentic lineages and deeper study of its philosophy, I knew I had found something truly transformational for myself and those around me.

To professional calling . . .

Eventually my passion for yoga grew such that I knew I needed to teach it in order to share its transformational power with more people, particularly those not yet familiar with it.  After a decade and a half of dedicated practice, I completed the Yoga Foundation’s 500-hour teacher training program and transformed my personal practice into a professional calling. I have also served as a Retreat Assistant on several domestic and international yoga retreats, helping to deliver world-class experiences to dedicated and adventurous yoga practitioners of all kinds.

I am  grateful to share the holistic, accessible, and authentic yoga tradition of Guru T. Krishnamacharya as passed down via his son TKV Desikachar with students who aspire to personal growth and transformation. It is a privilege to study and teach this linage under the guidance of my teacher Danielle Tarantola, who has passed along this ancient wisdom to me through her extensive training with Mr. Desikachar and his family in India. Over the course of more than 20 years of practice I have been fortunate to learn from many gifted and inspiring teachers in a variety of lineages, and am honored to also count Sara Intonato, Stacy Plaske, and Cher Meli among my most cherished and influential teachers.

What yoga can do for your body?

► Increased flexibility

► Increased muscle strength and tone

► Improve respiration, energy and vitality

► Maintaining a balance metabolism

► Improve athletic performance

► Cardio and circulatory health


In January 2019 I made my first visit to India, the birthplace of yoga.  Culturally, professionally, and spiritually it was a life-changing experience.  The deep, pervasive connection to the divine in all aspects of life was truly inspiring.  Learning more about the diverse and unique cultural and spiritual tapestry of this vast land first hand challenged and nourished me.

The journey led me to Varanasi, the holiest city for Hindus, located on the banks of the River Ganga; Sarnath, the place where Buddha first taught after enlightenment; and Agra, the seat of Mughal culture and home of the incomparable Taj Majal.  With so many other unique and amazing destinations left to discover, this was the first of more adventures to come in yoga's homeland!

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